About Us




GenUp Sports is a nonprofit organization that provides health and wellness education, fitness classes and educational scholarships to disadvantaged and incarcerated youth in Texas.

Our vision is to provide accessible sports, fitness and wellness programs that will unite communities, educate and empower our next generation of leaders. 

No boundaries, GenUp. 

Why We Need GenUp Sports



One in five children in North Texas lives in poverty. More than 260,000 children in the area are considered food insecure, leaving them with limited access for opportunities such as organized sports and healthy eating options. 

Studies have shown a positive association between participating in sports and lower rates of drug/alcohol use, significantly higher levels of emotional stability and higher high school graduation rates. 

Providing accessible heath and wellness education and sports programs are one imperative aspect to the whole development and success of today’s generation. 

Our programs will not only enhance youth’s lives by providing the resources and accessibility necessary for these youth to thrive through sports and a healthy lifestyle, but also provide the one on one attention our children and teens need to build confidence, develop trust, and the leadership skills necessary to thrive as adults and serve their communities.