Hannah Elisabeth Dougherty

Founder and President


Hannah Elisabeth Dougherty is a coach, former collegiate athlete and the Founder of GenUp Sports. Hannah graduated from the University of Miami with a Master of Science in Education and Sport Administration and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Loyola University. 

Hannah’s experience as an athlete and her understanding of the immense positive impact health education and youth sports provide to individuals and communities was the motivating factor behind the development of GenUp Sports—a program that provides accessible fitness, health/wellness classes and sports to underserved and at-risk youth in North Texas. 

Stephen Howard

Vice President



Stephen Howard is an award-winning speaker, leadership expert, author, ESPN college basketball analyst and former NBA player. Stephen graduated from DePaul University, achieving the title of Academic All-American during his years as a collegiate athlete. Stephen has been leading, inspiring and overcoming adversity his entire life. Through his speaking, he shares his personal stories, skills and leadership curriculum for the purpose of motivating, empowering and inspiring the next generation. 


Olivia Auld



Olivia Auld acquired her MSc Environment, Culture and Society Degree from the University of Edinburgh. Olivia dedicated her time and experience to Conservation International where she strived to ensure a healthy and productive planet for us all. Olivia also acquired her MA in Documentary Film, not only winning awards but utilizing her passion and work to facilitate a different perspective in all who view her content.  Olivia's dedication, passion and determination to make this world a better place translated into her acceptance and work with GenUp Sports. 

Zelda Buck

Grant Coordinator


Zelda Buck presently works as a Fund Development Manager at the Matt Talbot Center, a recovery program and treatment center for addicted, homeless and mentally ill individuals. Buck previously spent her time working as a project coordinator for StolenYouth and interned for (BEST) Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking; an organization that was created to keep children and vulnerable people safe from human traffickers.

Buck graduated from Occidental College with a degree in Politics and received a grant writing certificate from the University of Notre Dame-Mendoza College of Business.